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Bladder and bowel control problems:

Up to 1/3 of men and women have bladder
control problems

Many people of all ages are affected by incontinence and other bladder and bowel control problems. They do not affect only the elderly or people with other disabilities. Many active young or middle-aged people with no noticeable health problem or disability have bladder and bowel control problems.

Incontinence products are becoming more commonly available in supermarkets
and advertised in mainstream media.

Many people use healthcare products of various kinds to manage their bladder or bowel control problems, however it is becoming more common to see products regularly available on supermarket shelves.

Male public toilets ... often do not have rubbish bins, hence pad or bag disposal is problematic

It is important that everyone has access to good toilet facilities when using public venues and workplaces. It is even more important to people with bladder and bowel control problems, who may need these facilities more often and more urgently.

Bladder and bowel control problems are common. Anyone can be affected, male or female, young or old. Research from around the world suggests that between 19% and 33% of adult men and women have some bladder control problems, and between 5% and 8% bowel control problems.

Businesses have a duty of care with public washrooms

When scientific air care solutions are combined with the ongoing efforts to maintain the appearance, with regularly cleaned and easy to use washrooms, harmony can be achieved; it's this which will ensure the pleasant washroom experience people want and deserve.

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